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Since cryptocurrencies entered our lives, they have been used to transmit money not only between individuals for legal reasons but also for illegal behaviour. A new phishing scam with the subject line “BITCOIN ATM SCAMs” is making the rounds, so be cautious. It’s shocking and depressing every time one of these frauds occurs, but they do happen. The only way to avoid being a victim of a scam is to learn what it is, how it operates, and how to recognize it. To be clear, this is a review of the website.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin4u?

We learned while entering the site that Bitcoin4U is a Canadian virtual asset supplier / Canadian Bitcoin broker that advertises itself as a first-rate online marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via Interac e-Transfers, Flexepin vouchers, and Bitcoin ATMs in the province of Ontario. However, the company is not regulated by any official or government-issued authority.

This should serve as a huge “RED FLAG”! If you have been asked or encouraged to use a bitcoin ATM from Bitcoin4u to deposit cash and scan a QR code that has been handed to you, we strongly advise you to STOP to do so. You should not invest any money here; it is a SCAM.

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How Do Bitcoin ATM Scams Work?

Similar to how kidnappers want “little unmarked bills,” scammers who try to get large amounts of money from people who don’t know what’s going on and are confused will often ask for Bitcoin ATMs. The scammer aims to keep the money from being tracked.


Bitcoin transactions are not completely private or anonymous due to the public nature of the blockchain, but it is extremely difficult to determine the true identity of the person or people behind them. In addition, once anything is added to the blockchain, it cannot be undone. Therefore, there is no way to retrieve it.

It’s easy to see why these features are appealing to scammers when compared to standard bank transfers, which take several days and can be halted in progress.

The FBI warned of numerous common frauds, some of which you may have heard about in the news. The same fundamental structure may be found on the website

  1. A scammer poses as someone else and threatens you over the phone.
  2. They have you make a cash deposit into a Bitcoin ATM using a QR code they have sent you.
  3. You can deposit funds into your Bitcoin wallet by scanning the QR code at the ATM.

After that, the money is usually moved to a secret account in a foreign country, which makes it very hard to get back.

The scammer might say he or she is from the police, a utility company, a charity, the IRS, or another real government agency that needs money. Someone posing as your boss could call your office. This person may be someone you’ve only ever talked to online and have never actually met in person (in other words, a catfish). Another possibility is that they are pretending to be a member of your immediate family or circle of friends who needs financial assistance for anything like bail or a medical emergency.


How to Deal with a Bitcoin ATM Scam?

Scammers can convert money much more easily with the help of bitcoin ATMs and other cryptocurrencies. First, because bitcoin ATMs aren’t well known or understood, potential victims may mistake them for something “official,” increasing the likelihood that they may fall for a scam. Scams like these are employed all over the world (internationally). Those living in developed countries (the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia) are typically the targets of fraudsters.

As more and more Bitcoin ATMs are installed internationally, criminals from those nations will begin targeting those in the United States. Thus, the geographic spread of scams grows quickly.

If you have concluded that you have been a victim of fraud, You can use Google to locate your country’s regulatory agency for Forex brokers. Then, you can put your story of being scammed in writing by sending a letter or an email. Ensure they see this letter or email and know that you will be reporting them to the appropriate organization if you do not receive a refund.

When you report a scam, it helps others find evidence against the scammers, find patterns, warn the public, and compare fraud statistics from other areas. is known to be a scam site, so if you’ve been a victim of or seen a bitcoin-related scam, please let us know.

Bottom Line:

Large-scale scams with bitcoin ATMs are frequently carried out. There have been many iterations of scam games over the years. Scammers constantly try new, more unique methods. It’s a trap; don’t let yourself get fooled by it. We are confident that crypto acceptance will become so prevalent that crypto ATMs are the regular method of sending payments, but we are not there yet. As a result, you should not transmit money through a Bitcoin4u ATM if any of these “businesses” ask you to.

Before doing any sort of transaction with any Bitcoin ATM (or any other company, for that matter), it is highly advised that you do your homework. We trust you found our analysis of to be informative. If you have any issues or questions about the withdrawal process, please contact us at




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