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CoinTime ATM Review ( Scam)

Coin Time Bitcoin ATM Review

Read our Coin Time ATM Review, you may find out why we DO NOT suggest using this broker for ATM Withdrawals. This is an analysis of the website, in case there was any confusion.

Who Is Coin Time?

Looking at their website, it’s clear they aren’t governed by any government entity. This should raise a HUGE WARNING SIGN! You should use that as a red flag and look elsewhere to make your investment. A further red flag is that they partner with sites that advertise “Automated Trading Software,” as this is a common tactic for con artists to use.

Therefore, is just another unregulated forex broker. This indicates that consumers are not protected, and it is quite probable that they will get away with their hard-earned money even though there will be no federal body to hold them responsible.

How Does This Trading Platform Work?

Brokers that are unregulated usually operate as follows. When calling potential customers, they’ll use all means necessary to get them to commit to making the initial minimum deposit.

They’ll make promises like “we’ll quadruple your first contribution” or “you can easily make $100 each day.” Don’t believe a word they say! It is completely a SCAM! After completing the initial payment, customers are passed to a more skilled con artist known as a “retention agent,” who will make additional attempts to scam additional funds out of them.

Please see the story of James who get scammed by Cointime Atm Platform reviews

How To Withdraw Your Money?

Your funds are never secure with an unlicensed broker, so you should submit a withdrawal request as soon as possible. And this is when things become complicated. If you try to withdraw your money, regardless of whether you have earned it or not, they will postpone the procedure for months. If they postpone it for six months, you will be unable to submit a chargeback and your money will be lost forever.

You will NOT get your money back, no matter how many times you remind them or insist on removing it. And if you signed the Managed Account Agreement, also known as the MAA, which is effectively an authorization for them to do anything they want on your account, they would lose all of your funds, which means that there would be nothing left for you to request anymore.

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Refund Request: How Can You Get Your Money Back?

Don’t worry; there may be a solution or two to get your money back if you have already invested money with them and they refuse to return it, which is extremely likely to happen.

First and foremost, you must save the emails as proof that you have requested the money back from them but that they have refused to provide it to you or have delayed the procedure for too long with the goal of not refunding your money.

It is recommended that you initiate a chargeback as soon as possible. And do it now! If you have deposited funds with a bank or credit card company and they have refused to return your money because the trading company was not licensed, you should contact them and explain the situation. This is the simplest approach to get your money back, but it is also the most damaging to them. Because a large number of chargebacks will sever their relationship with payment service providers.

We can assist you in preparing your chargeback case if you have never done so before or if you are unsure where to begin or how to present your claim to your bank or credit card company. Simply email us at, but do not tell the Maven Interactive staff that you read this post or that you are contacting us.

What About Wires Chargeback?

A chargeback cannot be processed for a wire transfer, so please reconsider sending one. For this step, you must take the battle to a higher level. Inform them that you will submit a complaint to the appropriate authorities. That will cause them to reconsider the refund option.

Additionally, you can write a letter or send an email to the relevant authorities. Depending on where you live, you can use Google to identify the country’s regulating agency for Forex brokers. After then, you can write a letter or send an email outlining how you were misled by them.

Make sure you show them this letter or email and inform them you will report them to the regulatory authorities if they do not refund your money. If you are unsure where to begin, please contact us at and we will guide you with this process as well.

Ensure That You Write Reviews For Maveninteractive.Com On Other Websites:

Leaving negative reviews on other sites and briefly describing the incident is another approach to penalize them and prevent others from becoming victims. If you have been a victim, please submit a review and a comment in the comment box of this site. Also, when these folks change their website, they tend to call previous clients, so if they call you from a new website, please leave a review or contact us. That would be much appreciated by us and families worldwide. Also, if you receive phone calls from other companies, please include their names in the remark or forward them to us. We will also expose them.

Review Of Final Thoughts

The review that we are currently working on is something that gives us genuine pleasure, and our ultimate goal is to prevent as many people as possible from losing their hard-earned cash.

Before making any kind of financial commitment, it’s wise to research your Forex company of choice thoroughly. We hope you found our review useful. If you have any questions or require assistance with the withdrawal procedure, please contact us at


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