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Coin Wealth Inv Reviews ( scam)

Coin Wealth Inv Reviews

Be careful that your investment could be in danger. Coin Wealth Inv is a cryptocurrency brokerage with a defined purpose. Their website is quite simple and lacking in information, leaving many key concerns unanswered. Read our reviews to obtain answers to your questions about whether or not to invest!

What is Common Wealth Inv?

Coin Wealth Inv is an example of a dangerous trend that is progressively coming to light, namely, brokerage websites controlled by total scammers that are extremely well-designed. At first glance,’s design leaves a lot to be desired, and we can see how a novice trader would be misled by the broker’s unsavoury reputation. It does a fantastic job of presenting itself, but the evaluation will focus on what matters most: the quality of services. The broker begins to exhibit evidence of total illegitimacy at this point.

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We had an easy time signing up, and after less than a minute, we were sent to a wallet where we could deposit BTC. This gave us direct access to the only way to invest. The ease of registering and the prompt demand for depositing are two telltale signals of a shady broker.

Then we went to a web trader, where we could trade forex currency pairings, commodities, indices, ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The EUR/USD trade cost is 0.2 pips, with no mention of commissions, indicating that this spread is undoubtedly controlled.But here’s the problem: there was never a choice between account kinds when we opened an account. Therefore, we have no clear sense of the leverage’s actual value.

How Does The Common Wealth Inv Scams?

Scams have changed remarkably little in the decades since their start. It’s effectively the same approach being applied by a variety of different sites and agents. The core remains unchanged. The coin wealth Inv broker tries to attract the client’s attention by advertising fake profit increases or by directly contacting the user, who has let his guard down at some point and gave an email or a phone number to some now-forgotten source.

If the user is contacted (or falls for the advertisements), he or she will be sent to the website of the investment scam and immediately encouraged to invest, either by sweet-talking representatives of the scam or by the account manager, who also keeps the whole thing under control.

The final goal is to convince the user to invest once, and then the trap is completely closed. The client has already lost money, and any additional investments benefit the broker. All withdrawals will be denied, and even if the broker appears to be acting normally, this is all part of the strategy. Users will occasionally be given a small taste of profit in order to inspire them to invest more. However, most clients notice that something is wrong after that one time.

How Safe Is Your Fund With Coin Wealth Inv Reviews?

We discovered several ambiguous signs pointing to anything, thus effectively proving that is so awful that it has been prohibited in the most popular scammer FX environment. We can’t claim we’ve ever seen anything like it.

As a result, it is evident that coin wealth inv is uncontrolled, but even worse, it is anonymous and so untraceable. Any funds deposited here will be lost! Furthermore, personal information will be lost or, worse, modified to mask the broker’s dubious needs.

If you invest in an unregulated broker like, you should not invest at all; at the at least, you will avoid becoming entangled in an investment scam that will not only take your money but will also waste your time and energy. Better yet, if you want to invest and are either skilled at it or want to enhance your knowledge, there is no better place to start than with any of the European, UK, US, or Australian brokers we have listed for you. These are all regulated and hence meet industry standards, but some of the top regulators limit the amount of flexibility they can have!


How Do You Make Deposits And Withdrawals Using The Coin Wealth Invest Platform?


The user has only one option available for making an investment, which is to use a direct Bitcoin wallet. Within this wallet, the user is told to make deposits into Bitcoin addresses that are utterly untrustworthy. There is no assurance that the user will ever see this money represented in their trading account at any point in the future.

The website states that a minimum deposit of $500 is required in order to open a standard account. However, as we have already established, account tiers almost never apply to unregistered brokers. The primary purpose of these levels is to give the impression that the fake broker is professional while, in reality, they are not.

It would appear that the only option to get money out of the account is to do so through a bank transfer. However, this information is not actually made clear. The client is informed, under the withdrawal part of the client dashboard, that there are applicable bank fees and charges. Nevertheless, that is about all of the information that is provided on the withdrawal process. There is no additional information regarding the topic that can be found on the website.

How to react in case of a scam?

If you have previously made investments through the company in question, the most prudent course of action would be to submit a chargeback request with the company that issued your credit or debit card. Due to the fact that MasterCard and VISA both have a chargeback term of 540 days, it is extremely simple to get refunded. As a result, scammer brokers are accepting card payments less and less frequently.

The use of wire investments is one of the more convenient ways to suffer financial loss. The one and only piece of guidance that we are able to provide for you are to get in touch with the bank as soon as the money has been misplaced (or when you realize you have been played). That, in addition to changing the password and user name on your bank account!

Now we will discuss crypto wallets, which are the preferred investing method among unlicensed brokers. Since these cannot be tracked, once payment is processed, everything is over and done with! It is not possible to get one’s money back in any meaningful way.

Also, you should not put your faith in recovery agents or businesses that guarantee they will get your money back. These will charge you a significant sum of money in exchange for their assistance, but as soon as you make the payment, they will vanish! You may rely on us by emailing us at for any further assistance.


Final Take-Away: Coin Wealth Inv Reviews

The review of that we are currently working on brings us a great deal of satisfaction, and our primary goal is to prevent as many people as we can from throwing away the money that they have worked so tirelessly to achieve. Before making any financial commitment, it is advisable to conduct sufficient research on the Forex company of your choice. We hope you found our Coin Wealth Inv study to be beneficial. If you have any problems or require help with the withdrawal process, please contact us at


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