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Crypto FX Pro Review ( Scam)

Crypto FX Pro Review

Read this review of before you start trading with Crypto FX Pro or contact the firm with any queries you may have. Beware! Crypto FX Pro is a foreign broker! There may be a risk to your investment. 

Is a trustworthy website?

As a result of its medium-low trust ranking, it is not on our list of recommendations. At least for the time being, the website is suspicious. It’s safe to say that Crypto FX Pro is one of the worst brokerages that we’ve recently evaluated; in point of fact, there is no evidence whatsoever that it even operates as a brokerage.

In some of its marketing materials, Crypto FX Pro poses as a forex broker, while portraying itself as an investment and wealth management organization in other marketing materials. The following evaluation will demonstrate that is a scam, which we can guarantee, as the website cannot provide either investment or trading services.

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Regulations and the Safety of Funds with Crypto FX Pro:

Crypto FX Pro is NOT subject to ANY RESTRICTIONS! We would be able to provide early proof of this fact even though they claim to have an unknown incorporation number. As a result of our investigation, we discovered that it does not possess an FCA license, which, in the end, means that it is legally unable to provide trading services.

Nevertheless, the RED FLAG in this scenario is the fact that there is not the slightest shred of proof to suggest that is affiliated with any business whatsoever! It would appear that the so-called brokerage is nothing more than a fraud and a SCAM!

Convincing others that Crypto FX Pro is a scam wasn’t hard at all. A brief investigation revealed that the so-called brokerage is on the do not do business with list maintained by the relevant financial body.

The fact that Crypto FX pro is not registered and that its services are illegal both go in the direction of it being a SCAM. If this is the case, then we can assure you that your money will be stolen by scammers if you use Crypto FX Pro to make a deposit.

How The Works?

Since we couldn’t sign up, we couldn’t use the Crypto FX Pro trading software. As soon as we began, a red flag arose – encourages individuals to provide copies of personal documents as soon as possible, and there is no option to avoid this stage. KYC is crucial, but it should never be rushed, and it turns out that Crypto FX Pro does not offer demo trading accounts, which is another significant red flag!

However, if you have registered, you will be prompted with an indication that your account is awaiting approval as soon as the procedure is completed. If hours elapsed and no confirmation e-mail was sent, you would be unable to access the Webtrader of Crypto FX Pro – the claimed trading program. That is a disadvantage, but nothing really changes. As previously said, Crypto FX Pro is a well-known fraud that you should avoid.

How do Crypto FX Pro deposits, withdrawals, and fees work?

There is a lack of information on deposits, withdrawals, financing methods, and fees, and does not even say a word about the subject, which is another huge red flag to take into consideration.

It would appear that the scammers are not very competent, given how straightforward it is to demonstrate that Crypto FX Pro is a fraudulent brokerage. All of the red flags we found indicate that it must be a scam, and as a result, we are in a position to advise individuals, with or without an official warning, that they should stay far away from Crypto FX Pro.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Scammed?

You should first notify the authorities, which includes calling the police and contacting your local regulators and other government agencies that deal with crime and fraud. Also, disable your cards as soon as possible and contact your bank to let them know what happened; they can supply vital information and assist you in avoiding future financial harm.

There isn’t much you can do if you deposited cryptocurrency, but if you used your credit/debit card, you might file a chargeback, attempting to recover all or some of your money. We can assist you if this is your first time filing a chargeback and you are unsure what to do or how to explain your situation to your bank or credit card provider. Simply email us at

However, you should not go seeking the loss blindly because many fake chargeback agencies are waiting to double-scam victims of fraud – be careful!

You should avoid this broker and trade at your own risk if you insist on doing so. We classified them as “Red” or “High Risk.” Please leave the names and phone numbers of the other businesses in the comments. Consider sharing your story to safeguard others and share additional knowledge about how scammers work! Finally, we will defame them.

Give A Final Thoughts – Crypto FX Pro

Forex scams aren’t that different from each other, and most of the time, the scam is almost always done the same way. Scam brokers are always unregulated and typically registered abroad, allowing scammers to stay anonymous and untraceable.

There is no doubt that Crypto FX Pro is a fake brokerage looking to exploit any trader it can. This much we are certain of. They have dubious rules, assets, and accounts that you should avoid. If that doesn’t trigger any warning flags, we recommend digging deeper. Still, If you have any questions or require assistance with any of the processes, please contact us at


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