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Garantio Finance Review ( SCAM)

Garantio Finance Review ( SCAM)

Trading can be an excellent method to gain money, but it is essential to recognize the risks involved. Among cryptocurrency exchanges, Garantio Finance is one of the more recent entrants. The company advertise that they provide the best crypto bot available, which will guarantee your success in the cryptocurrency market. But even cryptocurrency trading companies need to be governed.

When it comes to Garantio Finance’s regulatory status, there is a difference in the information that we shall discuss in this review. we would like to make it clear that this is a review of

An Overview Of Garantio Finance :

Garantio Finance claims in its Terms and Conditions that it is a brand of Invest PTY LTD, which is an Australian brokerage that is licensed and regulated in the country. Despite this, our investigation did not turn up any ties between legal brokerage and

In addition, not one of the positive reviews touches on the fact that Garantio Finance is regulated. It raises some red flags, given that every company that is reputable highlights it as the primary advantage of doing business with them. Unlicensed brokers do not offer any kind of money-back guarantee or protection against negative balances, and they do not provide clear information regarding the terms of trade

Some of the Review of Genuine Users

Garantio Finance Review

latest Garantio Finance Review

latest Garantio Finance Review

Garantio Finance presents itself as having its headquarters in Australia, however, the only way to get in touch with the company is by dialling a number that begins with the country code for Bermuda. Our best assumption is that the trading company in question is yet another offshore crypto-related cyber-SCAM that you should definitely avoid.

What else is there to find out about Garantio Finance?

Garantio Finance claims that it is governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). However, the results of our investigation were not the same. The broker at Garantio Finance cannot be relied upon.

According to their website, Garantio Finance provides traditional Live trading, automated trading, copy trading, and cryptocurrency exchange. Because it only provides a web-based platform, it is difficult to imagine the quality of EAs or social trading. We are unable to provide any additional information beyond what is presented to us on the website because there is no demo account available and we chose not to join in this doubtful venture.

If you look at the reviews of Garantio Finance on Trustpilot and other websites like it, you will see a lot of positive feedback. Take note that unethical brokers will frequently compose their own reviews in the beginning to attract more clients.  It is quite evident that these reviews are not honest because the company does not have a single negative review. Even the most strictly regulated brokers have clients who are unhappy with the services they receive. It is unavoidable in this line of work.

How do deposits, withdrawals, and fees operate within the Garantio Finance platform?

However, after you have created an account, the only method of investment that will be available to you will be Bitcoin. Because cryptocurrency transactions can’t be tracked and chargebacks don’t matter, scheme brokers use this type of investment the most.

If the customer’s account is automated but they are not trading alone and they haven’t talked to the broker in more than three months, and the company thinks that the costs of keeping the account open are more than the value of the account, then the company will charge an inactivity fee of up to 100% of the account’s balance. Because you haven’t picked up your phone when they’ve called, they have the ability to steal everything you own.

To get in touch with its consumers, the customer service team the broker uses a variety of communication platforms. Typically, they will contact both potential and existing customers via phone calls and emails. So, if you don’t respond, it’s possible that you’ll get a lot of offers through WhatsApp or your other social media accounts. And after you begin making investments, you will find that you have fallen victim to the scam!

Staying away from the Garantio Finance scam is by far the smartest thing you can do for both yourself and your money.

What Should You Do After Being Scammed?

If you were connected with Garantio Finance, there is a strong possibility that you lost money to fraud. Contact us for assistance with the refund procedure in such a circumstance. Our professionals have extensive experience with crypto fraud, transaction tracing, and identifying criminals. Contact us quickly so we can begin working on your case before the broker disappears with your money. However, you should not pursue the loss blindly, as many fraudulent chargeback firms are ready to double-scam fraud victims – be cautious.


If you continue trading via this broker, you should do so on your own own. They were categorized as “Red” or “High Risk.” Please provide the names and phone numbers of additional businesses in the comments section. Consider sharing your experience to protect others and increase awareness of how con artists operate. We will ultimately defame them.



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