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Markets Bank Reviews ( scam)

Markets Bank Reviews

To learn more about why we do not recommend Markets Bank, see our review. In case there was any doubt, this is a review of the website.

Markets Bank: Important Information

On the internet, you may find a lot of fraudulent companies that offer to help you get rich through forex trading and cryptocurrencies. In most cases, these online platforms are nothing but complex SCAMs. One such example is, an anonymous website that preys on cryptocurrency newbies by promising them easy returns in exchange for their personal information and money. Now, let’s take a closer look at why you should stay away from Markets Bank.

How Do The Fraudsters’ Organizations Work?

Tales of individuals getting rich on cryptocurrency urge many to invest. However, you must take extra precautions so that you do not end up in the hands of any of the numerous scammers who prowl the internet. These fraudsters appear as brokers and hook you with the promise that they will handle the complicated parts of investing.

If you make contact with such scammers, they will initially convince you to send them a few hundred dollars. To persuade you to pay them a higher sum, they may even convince you for a short time that your investment is making enormous profits. However, your funds will not be invested. And when you attempt to withdraw your purported earnings or even your initial money, you will discover that it is impossible.

Scammers may inform you that a sudden change in the market has caused all of your investments to become worthless. Or they will direct you to sections buried in their terms and conditions that state you cannot withdraw your funds until you reach an impossible minimum trading volume criteria. And they can just vanish because they hide behind fictitious names and offshore corporations that are not regulated by the law.

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Is Markets Bank governed by the law?

The first thing to look for on the website of a forex broker is the legal entity that operates it, its location, and the regulatory control it is subject to. Companies that have licenses are also required to give a full set of legal documents.  The homepage of lacks a corporate name and an address, which is cause for concern.

According to the website’s terms and conditions, the owner of this cryptocurrency broker is a corporation with the peculiar name Tech-Stat Solutions LTD. Moreover, claims that this company is based in England, which is even stranger.

This jurisdiction has extremely strict regulatory standards for brokerage service providers, which only a few significant firms satisfy. This form of crypto derivatives trading is entirely forbidden in the UK. Such discrepancies and mistakes are common on fraudulent websites.

Not only does lack a license, but it also falsely claims to be based in England. We have no idea who is responsible for this website. You should never entrust your money to such anonymous websites that contain incorrect and inconsistent information.

How Can I Begin With Markets Bank Deposits And Withdrawals?

As one might expect from a cryptocurrency-focused fraud, trading coins is the only deposit option. Cryptocurrencies prohibit the victim from requesting a refund or chargeback, making them ideal for all types of financial scammers.

Bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and established e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Sofort are common payment options provided by legitimate brokers to their clients.

If you work with a licensed broker, you won’t have to pay a long list of fees that are listed in the Client Agreement. This comprises a 2.5% fee for every deposit, a 3.5% fee for “tax payments,” and a 2.5% commission for “insurance premiums.” These are fraudulent practices.

What Are Your Options For Getting Your Money Back?

If you fall prey to an investment scam organization and find yourself a victim, you need to report the incident to the appropriate authorities in your nation and spread the information online to warn other people who might be taken in by scammers. On the other hand, the probability of getting your money back is not very high.

To initiate a chargeback, you must have used a credit or debit card for the original purchases. On the other hand, such requests are disputable if you have furnished the fakers with evidence of your identity, such as a copy of a government-issued identification card.

People on the internet who claim that they can retrieve your money in exchange for a front payment should never be trusted under any circumstances. This is a must RED FLAG. These individuals are also almost certainly fraudsters or scammers.

This is the least complicated method to recover your funds, but it will do the most harm to the other party. Because a high number of chargebacks will cause them to lose contact with payment service providers.

If you have never filed a chargeback before or are confused about where to start or how to submit your claim to your bank or credit card provider, we can help. Simply send us an email at, but don’t tell the Markets bank personnel that you saw this post or that you’re contacting us.

Final Thoughts On The Markets Bank Review

The review that we are now working on is something that genuinely pleases us, and our ultimate objective is to save as many people as we can from losing the money that they have worked so hard to gain. It is advisable to conduct in-depth research on the Forex company of your choice before making any form of financial commitment.

We hope that you found our analysis of Markets Bank to be informative. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any inquiries or if you require support with the withdrawal process.



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