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Polimar Investment Partners Review ( Scam)


The website for Polimar Investment Partners looks very familiar to us right now. This is because the website is nearly similar to other fraudulent brokers whose websites we have evaluated. Be cautious, your investment may be at risk. Before you begin trading with Polimar Investment Partners, please read this review of

The Polimar Investment Partners Scam: How Does It Work?

Many are attracted to trying their luck in the financial markets by tales of individuals becoming wealthy through cryptocurrencies. However, you need to be careful of the many scammers who operate in cyberspace. These scammers pose as brokers and lure you with promises to handle the complex aspects of investing for you.

If you approach such fraudsters, they will initially convince you to give them a tiny initial sum of a few hundred dollars. They may even convince you for a time that your investment is making fantastic gains to persuade you to give them a larger sum. However, your money will not be invested. And you will discover that withdrawing your alleged gains or even your deposit is difficult.

Scammers at may claim that a sudden change in the market has resulted in the loss of all your investments. Or they’ll direct you to sections hidden in their terms and conditions that suggest you can only withdraw your money after meeting impossibly high minimum trading volume requirements. And they can just vanish since these scam sites hide themselves behind fake identities and offshore corporations that are not subject to norms and regulations.

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Polimar Investment Partners: How Safe Is Your Money?

We’ve already proven that Polimar Investment Partners is an anonymous website that utilizes a legitimate company’s data without a license or forex trading software. Given these circumstances, it is clear that Polimar Investment Partners does not provide actual trading, regardless of the terms it promises to provide.

However, the limited information that is available on the website is helpful because it provides us with additional proof indicating that this is not and cannot be a genuine US-based forex broker. Investing funds with these scammers may not be a safe attempt.

Guidelines and restrictions – Polimar Investment Partners:

The regulatory status of a financial services provider is the most critical piece of information to know. Licensed brokers offer thorough information about the corporation that owns them, where they are based, which jurisdictions they are authorized in, and which regulatory authorities regulate their operations.

The website simply demonstrates that we are not dealing with a real company. The claim on the Polimar Investment Partners homepage is that this broker is part of the GAIN Capital Group in the United States.

Polimar Investment Partners is simply one of the many apparent scams that use regulated organizations’ information illegally. Polimar Investment Partners does not offer to provide access to any legal papers, so you have no idea what conditions you are agreeing to when you open an account. This is simply inappropriate for any professional company, much less an investment intermediary.

When choosing a broker to invest with, you should make sure that not only is all the information required by law available but that it is also correct. Always ensure that the company is listed on the appropriate regulator’s records and that the domain used is one of those that has been officially approved for the specific broker.

What About Money Withdrawal Methods And Fees?

We have already provided ample evidence that Polimar Investment Partners is an anonymous website that misuses data from a legitimate organization and does not own a license or Forex market trading software. Given these circumstances, it is evident that Polimar Investment Partners does not provide actual trading, regardless of the terms it purports to provide.

Polimar Investment Partners says right up front that it only accepts cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals. Scammers like like cryptocurrencies since they do not offer refunds. Legitimate brokers often provide clients with a variety of transparent payment methods, such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and well-known e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

Without sufficient legal documents, investors in Polimar investment partners have no idea if they are falling into any traps devised by the scammers. These fake brokers typically make withdrawing money impossible by charging exorbitant fees and requiring impossible-to-fulfill trade volume criteria.

How Can You Get Your Money Back?

If you become a victim of a scam, you should report it to the appropriate authorities in your country and spread the news online to alert other possible victims. However, your prospects of receiving your money back are slim.

Scammers, such as Polimar Investment Partners, rarely execute withdrawal requests, so if you made the mistake of depositing with them, you must file a chargeback. The ability to do so will be determined by the payment method you choose, which is why we pay close attention to payments. Remember that it is preferred to pay with a credit card such as Visa or PayPal whenever possible because they allow for chargebacks.

Such requests, however, can be contested if you have provided the scammers with proof of identity, such as a copy of your ID. Under no circumstances should you believe people on the internet who claim to be able to recover your money in exchange for a price. These people are obviously fraudsters as well. If you are in this position and cannot find a real solution to rid yourself of them, please contact

Polimar Investment Partners review conclusion:

Unfortunately, there are currently no effective methods to recover funds invested on these platforms. Investors have no way of knowing what happens to their assets because all cryptocurrency transactions are untraceable. It is a mistake to put your trust in recovery agents or organizations. As a result, our ultimate goal is to keep as many individuals from throwing away their money as possible.

Before making any form of financial commitment to your prospective Forex broker, properly investigate them. We believe our evaluation will be beneficial. If you have any issues or require assistance with the withdrawal process, please contact us at


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