Read our Rivobanc Review, you may find out why we DO NOT suggest using this broker for trading. This is an analysis of the website, in case there was any confusion.

Who Is Rivobanc?

Investing with can be a risky proposition as they are an unregulated foreign exchange broker, meaning that consumers have no safeguard for their money in the event of any violation or misdeed on behalf of the company. 

Rivobanc Review

Furthermore, this should signal additional caution to potential investors from its dubious partnerships with ‘Automated Trading Software’ companies – classic red flags suggesting you look elsewhere when making your investment decision!

How Does This Trading Platform Work?

Beware of brokers that operate away from regulatory oversight! They often use enticing (but false!) promises to get customers to invest, such as “tripling your original investment” or the chance at making hundreds per day. However, after clients make their first payment they’re then targeted by equally tricky ‘retention agents’ looking for more cash – and it’s all a scam. Steer clear no matter how tempting the offer may seem; you don’t want any part in this unethical thievery!

How To Withdraw Your Money?

Trying to withdraw your hard-earned money from an unlicensed broker can be a tedious process, and in some cases could result in the complete loss of funds. Even if you have earned it, many brokers will delay payout for months on end — up to six times as long! And if that wasn’t bad enough; signing their Managed Account Agreement (MAA) effectively allows them do whatever they want with your account balance – even take all of it away. Taking out cash isn’t always easy or secure when dealing with shady operators like this: draw those funds before its too late!

Refund Request: How Can You Get Your Money Back?

Is someone refusing to return your money after you’ve already made an investment? Don’t give up hope – there may be a way for you to get it back! Be sure to keep records of emails and other proof that proves you have asked for the funds, as this will help increase your chances of reclaiming them.

Don’t let Rivobanc keep your money! If you deposited funds with a bank or credit card company, and that trading firm was not properly licensed, make sure to take action immediately. Contact them on the spot for the best chance of recovering any lost deposits – but be warned: filing a chargeback claim can have severe consequences by damaging their relationship with payment service providers if there are too many cases opened against them. And Valid Reviews is here to help – email us at so we can support in getting your case ready- no need to mention you read this post though!

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What About Wires Chargeback?

When it comes to getting a refund for wire transfers, you have to be prepared to take the dispute up the chain of command. Don’t hesitate let them know that if they do not give your money back, you are willing and ready report their wrongdoings directly to relevant government agencies. With just some simple internet research using Google or similar search tools, you can easily identify which regulatory agency is in charge of overseeing Forex brokers – then all that’s left is writing out a formal letter/email outlining how exactly this business misled you! If ever unsure where even start with such paperwork feel free reach us at – we’ll help get through these complications together!

Ensure That You Write Reviews For On Other Websites:

Have you ever been victimized by these scammers? Help us fight for justice and the safety of families worldwide! If so, leave a review on any site detailing your experience. We will take it from there to help prevent others from encountering similar hurtful scenarios. Even if they change their website’s identity or call with new contact numbers, be sure to alert us–or better yet include them in your original comment as a warning sign! Together we can shine light onto this dark corner of malicious fraudsters.


Review Of Final Thoughts

At Valid Reviews, we are passionate about helping people make the right financial decisions. That’s why when it comes to trading Forex with Rivobanc first-hand research is always a must! We take pride in giving an honest account of our experiences with their services so that you can rest easy knowing your hard-earned money will be safe. If you ever have any questions regarding withdrawals, please don’t hesitate to contact us at – Together let’s ensure smart investment for everyone involved!