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Royal Trading Center Review ( Scam)

Royal Trading Center Review

Beware! The Royal Trading Center is a foreign-based brokerage. Putting your money into something like this trading platform could be a bad idea. However, before you start trading with Royal Trading Center, please read this review.

Overview- Royal Trading Center

If you’re looking for a classic example of fraud with a respectable website, Royal Trading Center is suspected to be one of them. When we purposely pay special attention to the website’s quality, some scammers do the same and, more often than not, use sites that appear legitimate. We investigated Royal Trading Center and found that the so-called brokerage is most likely A SCAM.

How Do Scammers At Royal Trading Center Work?

Although each Forex scam is unique, they all basically include the same fraudulent technique and its implementation. Scam brokers are never regulated and typically have an offshore registration, both of which allow their perpetrators to hide their identities from law enforcement. There will be a constant stream of calls when you open an account with this type of business. Scammers will persistently try to get in touch with you to pressure you into making a cash deposit. Keep in mind that if someone is calling you twenty times a day asking for money, it’s usually a scam.

“Royal Trading Center gets an average 1.5 rating out of 5 after the reviews of 274 users. They are doing a scam, so avoid this platform for investment.

The worst-case scenario is that you make a deposit and are then tricked into trading for the scam. You’ll quickly see spectacular profits being made, which are completely fictitious, and you’ll become excited and want your money back. They won’t let you and instead will try to lure you in with the promise of even greater returns on your next deposit. Or they can make up a tax and demand payment before allowing any withdrawals. You can either add to the amount stolen from you by paying, or you can keep asking for your money until you realize it’s a SCAM!

Regulation And The Safety Of Funds At Royal Trading Center: 

Royal Trading Center falsely claims to be a broker-dealer firm licensed and regulated by the United States regulator, the SEC. Although the regulator has approved businesses with like-sounding names, is not one of them. The company is completely unknown, and there is no information available about it, leading many to believe it is a forgery.

Royal trading center is NOT REGULATED and is an utterly dishonest brokerage that actively misleads the public. The company might as well be an offshore IBC because nothing would change.

Also, they are also caught up in posting Fake Reviews for their brands from some highly trustworthy platforms like Trustpilot.

Royal Trading Center Review

Some of the Genuine User Reviews:

Royal Trading Review

How Does the Trading Software Work?

The Royal Trade Center trading software is a Webtrader that we were unable to adequately evaluate while reviewing the brokerage. We were inspecting Royal Trade Center on a Saturday when markets are normally closed, and it was perplexing to see the broker’s platform stalled and blank! The chart was missing, which is a RED FLAG in and of itself – charts will never vanish if the software is reliable! Such errors are unacceptable, and the failure more than confirms that should be avoided!


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Deposit/Withdrawal Methods And Fees At Royal Trading Center 

The minimum deposit is €250, which is a hefty requirement. Many brokers now accept clients for as little as $5, so there’s no sense in spending your time with suspected scammers like Royal Trading Center!

Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin are the funding options, with the former being significantly safer due to a 540-day chargeback period. On the other hand, cryptocurrency deposits are final, and if something goes wrong, customers who deposited BTC will have no way of reclaiming their money.

Withdrawal details are not discussed, indicating that consumers can withdraw as much or as little as they choose from their accounts. However, we can interpret the missing standards as an indication that Royal Trading Center is attempting to hide information about its services, but in any event, the brokerage is far too suspicious to be considered legitimate.

There is no mention of withdrawal costs, but additional expenses can give you chills. Specifically, if a customer opens an account but does not trade immediately after sign-up, they should pay a penalty cost of 30% of the deposit (no less than $80) – this is a scam!

Another disgusting tax is the inactivity fee – $30 per month, which is over three to five times greater than typical, demonstrating that Royal Trading Center is an overpriced brokerage! Stay away from it!

What to Do If You Have Been Scammed By Royal Trading Center:

You should first notify the authorities, which includes calling the police and contacting your local regulators and other government agencies that deal with crime and fraud. Also, disable your cards as soon as possible and contact your bank to let them know what happened; they can supply vital information and assist you in avoiding future financial harm.

There isn’t much you can do if you deposited cryptocurrency, but if you used your credit/debit card, you might file a chargeback, attempting to recover all or some of your money. However, you should not go seeking the loss blindly because many bogus chargeback firms are waiting to double-scam victims of fraud – be wary! Finally, think about sharing your experience to help safeguard others and provide additional information about how scammers work!


Royal Trading Center is attempting to pass itself off as a real cryptocurrency exchange and/or binary options broker. However, this is just another unregulated firm that provides a simple trading platform while failing to disclose any information about itself or its trading circumstances. Avoid them at all costs because you will be taking a significant risk.

Investing with such brokers almost always results in losses. Before making any type of financial commitment, properly investigate your Forex company of choice. We hope that you found our review of to be informative. If you have any problems or need help with the withdrawal process, please email us at



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  1. Scam and untrustworthy trading platform

    This broker is my worst choice for trading. The trading conditions are bad, the interface is clean and interesting. Everything works for scam and just the way I did not recommend it!

  2. Very Bad terms overall, everything works scam and no return.

    I am an experienced trader, but at times you can second guess and allow fear to stop you from trading properly. This platform is the scams trading platform. Very bad terms overall, but everything works quickly and without technical issues.

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