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Uber Chains Review ( Scam)

Uber Chains Review

Check out our review of Uber Chains to learn why we do not recommend traders use this broker. If there was any doubt, this is a review of the website.

General Information- Uber Chains: may appear to be a typical internet service provider, with an implanted sense of office space, but we can assure you that everything from the ground up has been modified and engineered to mislead the consumer. As the evaluation will show, there is no reason to believe this broker with all of its lies. Uberchains is yet another unlicensed overseas broker that claims to be able to offer its clients secure and profitable trading; unfortunately, these organizations are never capable of achieving so. Of course, most of them are SCAMS, and with Uberchains misleading about its regulation and making its legal papers unavailable, the firm is likely no different.


Overall, the organization has nothing to offer anyone, so you should avoid it at all times. If you’re still not convinced, our complete analysis of the company will address all of your concerns.

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How Does the Urban Chains Trading Software Operate?

The Urban Chains Scammers employ a few methods that combine to form a large scheme that hasn’t altered since its start, making it very simple to avoid. It all begins when the broker makes contact with the user after the user has innocently given the broker their contact information.


Communicating with the broker may appear to be a pleasurable process as the other side sweet talks its way into your cash. Most scams target non-trading audiences because they are more vulnerable to verbal manipulation. If this doesn’t happen, customers may start receiving spam emails offering “unrealistically attractive investment deals” that don’t pan out.

The first deposit, which scammers are eager to sell, is the tipping point. The user has fallen into the hands of the fraudster following this initial investment. Either the client will be lured into investing more with the promise of a greater “return,” or he will want to withdraw his initial contribution, at which point he will be persuaded that additional investments are required. Regardless of which side of the coin you are on, the user will almost certainly never be able to withdraw. All withdrawal requests will be denied for a variety of equally implausible reasons.

Can You Request A Withdrawal?

Uberchains and other offshore brokers enjoy playing dirty tricks on their clients. The techniques vary, but the purpose is always the same: the broker wants to prevent its client victims from withdrawing even a single penny from their accounts. The website states that the minimum deposit is $10,000. Given that 99% of all fraudster brokers we oversee cap this minimum deposit at between $1 and $500, there is little probability that this is accurate. And a $10,000 minimum is absurd, no matter how you look at it.


We apologize, but at this time, that is all the financial data we can provide. Not because we couldn’t find it, but because the broker doesn’t have any. There are no withdrawal requirements anywhere, which suggests there is a distinct lack of evidence to justify any withdrawal at all!


Not only that but payment methods have been shifted to the back end. How can you put your trust in a broker who doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing? Don’t invest in because it is a risk for everyone!

How Do You Get Your Money Back From Scammers?

If you’ve already been scammed, a chargeback is your best hope. Contact the company that issued your credit or debit card, and then go from there. It’s useful to note that MasterCard and VISA have a 540-day chargeback period. It is more challenging, but not impossible, to get money back from a bank for investment.

Most banks have some form of policy for dealing with lost capital, so the client’s best bet is to call her relevant bank and follow the bank’s plan of action from there. If a user has been the victim of financial fraud, we advise that they immediately change their bank account’s login and password. Unfortunately, there are no genuine means to recover lost money from crypto investments through these channels. All crypto investments are untraceable, and it is impossible to predict where the investor’s money will end up.


Never put your faith in recovery agencies or agents. These are either independent scammers searching for “service fees” from users, or extensions of illegal broker operations. Furthermore, if you have never done so before or are confused about where to begin or how to present your claim to your bank or credit card provider, we can assist you in preparing your chargeback case. Simply write us at, but do not mention that you saw this post or that you are contacting us.

Make Sure to Write Uberchains.Com Reviews

Another method to punish them and protect others from becoming victims is to leave negative reviews on other sites and briefly describe the occurrence. Please provide your thoughts and feedback in the comments section of this site if you have fallen victim to this. Please post a review or get in touch with us if you are contacted by these people after they have switched to a different domain. We, along with millions of other families, would be eternally grateful. Please also add the names of the other businesses in the comment or send us their phone calls. Furthermore, we will publicly shame them.

Uber Chains Review: Conclusion

Unfortunately, there are no genuine means to recover lost money from crypto investments through these channels. There is no way for an investor to know what happens to their money when it is invested in a cryptocurrency because all crypto transactions are untraceable. Don’t put your faith in recovery agents or agencies. 

This is why our ultimate goal is to keep as many individuals from wasting their hard-earned money as possible. Before making any type of financial commitment, properly investigate your Forex company of choice. We hope you found our review to be informative. If you have any problems or need help with the withdrawal process, please email us at


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