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Wagr Reviews

Many people are aware of the more prevalent scams in the world, and the vast majority of individuals have at least one instance of having received an email stating “You’ve won the lottery” from a country outside their own.

However, many people who have recently purchased their first pet are unaware of how common it is for scammers to focus their online scams on a particular industry. Pet foods or pet care platforms are definitely one of those industries, and once a new owner visits any website dealing with the same, it becomes only a matter of time before they fall into their product and service scams.  

The only way for these scammers to succeed is if their customers believe in them easily. When a brand-new business enters the market, it can be challenging to predict its potential weaknesses. This blog post is being updated because we recently learned of a fraudulent smart care platform for animal lovers called Wagr.ai.

Is WAGR all that it claims to be?

Wagr claims that it is India’s first smart pet care platform, on which users can consult with leading veterinary doctors, obtain pet-care guidance from experts, browse pet-care guides, join an incredible pet care community, and do a great deal more. The website may seem to be true as per its claims but the following reviews from customers and users of wagr.ai will demonstrate that the website is a scam, even though it portrays itself as a smart pet care platform.

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How are they fooling their customers?

Currently, Wagr’s advertising for their services is fairly upbeat; however, this is to be expected; they probably won’t tell you the bad news, but we will.

First and foremost, let’s talk about how terrible their customer service is! They make the bold claim that they can assist their customers whenever and wherever they may be, but in practice, this is not the case. They offer pathetic customer service. The individuals who work in customer service have received adequate training to harass customers and, what’s even worse, to lie about the delivery status. They have never given a customer’s questions the appropriate amount of consideration and depth in their responses.

wagr scam reviews

wagr reviews 2


The Second Claim is about their “ Return Policy” or “Refund Procedure”.

We discovered this information on the Wagr page devoted to their refund policy “Products that were either ordered incorrectly or arrived damaged can be returned. For questions regarding returns, please email photos of the damage to support@wagr.ai or give us a call at 080-47097599.” However, in reality, they demand that we return the products, which have not yet been shipped to the customers.

Let’s take a look at few of the reviews that were left by a previous buyer regarding the same claim, 

wagr reviews 3

Stay Away From Such Fraudaulents!

WAGR appears to be a fraudulent company in Bangalore. They do not fulfil orders, after which they disappear, and they do not issue refunds either. Be wary of such a site for pet care; they have no plans to reimburse you for the money you’ve paid, so you should avoid placing any orders with them at all costs. It should raise red flags if there is no indication that they care about their customers.

Please do contact validreviews@gmail.com if you have any questions/queries about the above blog, we’re happy to serve you as our main motto is to aware users of the right platform.



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